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The year of 2010 was coming to an end soon ….

…it was a nice afternoon and I was browsing through the internet when all of a sudden I came across an Online Ad talking about the opportunity to make money through the internet.

This is when a bright light bulb went on right above my head.

The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!

That was the moment when I learned I could earn good money thanks to the internet.

You see, my dad is a computer geek. He loves computers and technology. He is a computer engineer today. And his passion for computers and technology passed on to me.

Ever since I was a little kid, I LOVED computers and anything that had to do with them.

There is just something amazing about them.

I remember; when I was very little … one evening I was walking around a kind of storage place we had in our house, and I saw a somewhat old computer lying there …. So, as any kiddo would, I got very very curious about it and went ahead and dismantled it!

I took apart the keyboard, the tower and I tried going inside the big old monitor. LOL :D

I really wanted to know what was inside the damn “magical” machine! hehehe …

I was about 6 or 7 years old, I think. I can’t quite remember.

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My dad got home that night and when he saw what I have done to the helpless computer he went bananas!

This was back in the early 90’s. So, computers were not that cheap then. Especially in South America (which is where I am from).

Oh boy what a crazy childhood experience that was!

Anyways, computers and technology always fascinated me from an early age. And when the Internet took over the world I fell in love with it.

The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!

Of course, growing up in a Latin American Country did not make it so easy to get online. I would go to public Internet Cafes as often as possible (and when I could afford it).

Not everyone had internet access at home during those times.

I didn’t get to really feel the power of the internet until I moved out of my home country (Bolivia).

I moved to Madrid, Spain – when I was like 13 years old.

Then, at the age of 15 – I moved to the US.

But it wasn’t until I turned 22 when I really started to use the internet to Educate myself.

Here is the thing; I went through a lot of hard times and bad times growing up. I hated school and did not really get along with my family here. (of course, there is a lot more to my life’s story, but we’ll leave the detailed tale for another time)

And well, having to learn a new language (English) was a big challenge when I moved to the US.

So, the obvious happened – I dropped out of high school.

I did manage to get my GED Certificate later on. But I still felt like a big failure.

Life was not looking very promising – and I could not really go to college.

I ended up working in construction for years.

And I HATED it!

The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!

So …. that day when I saw that online ad about the opportunity to build a stable income through the internet, I knew right away that was something I could do to live the life of my dreams!

Right there and then, is when I made the settled decision to make it happen. No matter what it took, and how long it took.

I was very determined.

This is when I started to think like an Entrepreneur.

I did not even know what that word meant – then. LOL

But, I really took this internet marketing and blogging venture VERY SERIOUS.

I would rather spend my nights researching and studying all I could about making money online – instead of going out and partying with my fellas.

I knew I had to really invest in my education here, if I was to build a good income working from home – and from anywhere I wanted to work from.

When I learned that you can build a passive and residual income online – I saw True Freedom!

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

One of the main things that really caught my attention was Blogging.

My dad had taught me some HTML and I also learned a lot about building websites by playing with web codes myself. So, immediately I was very attracted to Blogging.

I learned about people being able to earn a good amount of money thanks to their blog online. I started to play with Website Building and built my very first sites online with pure HTML Codes.

What a freaking amazing idea!! …. I thought ….

….and I really thought it was not going to be that hard to make money online with your own website.

Boy I was wrong!

I struggled a lot at the beginning of my online venture.

It really took me years to learn it all, and put everything together in the right way in order to start making a few bucks online.

A lot of people would call me “crazy” for chasing my dreams of living a Laptop Lifestyle – and being able to make a good living working online.

They saw me fail continuously. And I don’t blame them for not really believing one can make a lot of money online – when they never met anyone who was.

Here is the thing; even though, a big number of people are already making a lot of money online – there are still many who do not really “get it” – and perhaps would never “get it”.

It can be tough to go for that Online Dream.

That dream of waking up to automated earned money.

That dream of going out to a bar with your friends, and coming back home to see you have earned a few hundred dollars in affiliate commissions – thanks to your blog and online traffic.

And most of the time, the people who will not really believe in you – will be your family members. These are the people who can really put down your dreams the most. And yes, it does hurt!

I have gone through all that already.

And I have proved everyone wrong!

Blogging and internet marketing are the best things that happened to me – in my entire life.

In this cyber-world, I do not need to be a “High School Graduate” or have a “College Degree” in order to make big bucks and live the life I want to live (on my own terms).

That afternoon, late 2010, was the moment my entire life changed.

And it all started with a simple settled decision.

I always say; “Settled Decision” – because once I made my decision to make money blogging online, there was no going back and no quitting, at all.

I was very persistent. Even when I failed and failed and failed, miserably.

I was so stubborn and determined to never quit. I kept on pushing forward no matter what!

Did quitting ever crossed my mind when I kept on failing?

Of course!

It happens.

Sometimes you start to doubt yourself, and if you really should keep on going.

And it is completely fine to have doubts.

Doubts are temporary. They will go away with time. And soon enough your burning desire to keep on moving forward will reignite – if you REALLY REALLY want to make it happen, that is.

If you want self-doubt to go away fast – simply Accept it!

Make it Okay to have doubts.

Do not be hard on yourself and understand that failure is part of the process to success.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and my life’s journey, and share a bit of a story from my childhood, with you.

I wanted to give you a little entertainment right from the beginning of this post – and also some good inspiration.

That is what storytelling can help you with – when blogging. You can get someone really interested in reading your entire blog post thanks to the interesting stories you are telling.

Maybe I caught your attention by opening this blog post with a little life story – or maybe I did not.

But just because you are reading this now – says that you were entertained enough to keep on reading (up to this sentence). Right?! :D

And I want to thank you for reading this far!

You are really awesome.

I really mean that.

Storytelling is something that we ALL love!

Wouldn’t you agree?

I remember when I was a little kid I loved listening to my grandma’s stories and tales – over and over again.

More often than not, we would go on a trip to a getaway house on the country-side that my grandma owned, and a lot of my cousins would be there – and at night time my grandma and aunts (her sisters) would get us all to gather around (sit on the floor) and tell us some urban tales.

A lot of these tales were “scary”. Like the one about “el duende” (the leprechaun). If you grew up in South America, you might know a bit about that tale. :)

The thing is, I loved listening to stories and they would really get stuck in my head. I still remember all of them, in details.

Stories really stick to you!

I have realized that people tend to remember interesting stories more than facts.

Facts and only facts – are boring!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Let me know in a comment below – I would love to hear from you!

And when it comes to blogging, storytelling can make a huge difference!

No matter what niche you are blogging in – and what you are teaching – people will always love a good ol’ story!

I think stories can really touch the kid inside of us. It makes us pay close attention and really connect not just with the story but with the storyteller as well.

Especially, if you grew up with a grandma and aunts (and maybe parents) who were really good at telling urban tales and stories.

You probably loved the stories they told you countless times!

Is like you could never get tired of just listening to someone tell an interesting story, right?

I personally love stories. And I also love telling them.

What about you? …

What is your favorite childhood story?

I would love to know!

Now, you might ask; “but Freddy, what does storytelling has to do with blogging and internet marketing?” …

…. and I would say …

Everything my dear friend!


You see, if you pay close attention to the world you are living in (right now) – marketing is about telling the right story, at the right time, to the right people.

Take TV Commercials for example; what are they really?

They are very short stories for a certain type of audience.

Have you ever watched a commercial that just stuck in your head for a long time?

Have you ever told your friends about that one commercial that made you laugh or maybe cry?

Have you realized how easy you can remember TV Commercials that are very interesting to you?

It is because they are very short stories that really touch your emotions.

You see, we all are very emotional creatures. That is what really makes us Humans.

And, stories are just that – words put together in a way that transmits emotions.

Think about this for a moment; what is Marketing? … really, what do you think it really means to “market to someone”?

What do you have to do in order to “Market” the right way?

You have to be able to tap into your potential customer’s emotions – in order to have them consider buying what you are offering.

Even when you are simply solving a person’s problems with your products and services – you are tapping into their emotions – in this case their Frustration – with their problems.

And this is why they need your Solution – your products and services.

So, what would you most likely do?

You would probably paint a scenario for them – and make up or tell a real story of someone who was having the same problems and solved all of them thanks to your products and services.

You get what I mean?

We are always using storytelling in one way or another – when marketing.

It is the same with Online Marketing.

And definitely with Blogging. Since blogging is all about Content.

You have probably stumbled upon a few bloggers who always tell an interesting story in their blog posts.

Not every blogger would tell interesting stories – and frankly, I think everyone should.

Stories really grasp someone’s attention – to the core. I really believe it is because it taps into the inner child of the reader.

For a moment, while you are reading an interesting story, you kind of feel like a kid again. Subconsciously, you remember the good ol’ days with grandma or with anyone who used to tell you interesting stories (as a kid).

For a moment, you are being entertained and not really worrying too much about having to learn something and remember facts.

But, ironically, you are able to learn better and remember facts better – thanks to the stories.

And that is because stories are easy to remember.

The greatest teachers were also the greatest storytellers.

The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!

A lot of great inspiring souls who walked this earth in human form – taught us a lot of knowledge through Parables.

Because they knew it would be a lot easier for mankind to remember them forever.

You will always remember stories a lot better than anything else!

This is the one weird thing about storytelling.

The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!

I say “weird” – because it is fascinating how our minds and life work with stories. Who knows the real science to why storytelling is just so damn powerful on humans.

I guess, as the image above says; stories are real gifts in life and maybe that is why they have a lot of power.

And when you combine storytelling and blogging, in the right way – you can become a very influential person in the blogging world.

People might not really remember your name, but they will remember some of the stories you have shared.

Storytelling and blogging can help you brand yourself online fast and efficiently!

People will know you and remember you as that one person who did this or that – or that person who went through this situation or someone this and that happened to, etc.

You know what I mean!

Great copywriting also involves a lot of storytelling.

Storytelling and Copywriting can really help you sell more and influence people a lot faster and better.

If you are new to blogging – storytelling is something that you should really learn more about.

You got tons of stories to tell!

Even if you think you do not.

Just the simple fact that you are alive and breathing and that you have come this far in life – is enough for you to notice the many stories you have in you.

If you think you don’t have any stories to tell; think again!

You are not thinking hard enough!

That is the problem.

It is not that you don’t have any stories to tell. It’s just that you are not taking the time to really Think and Remember the things that have happened to you in your life, so far.

We all go through many things in life. We all have our own little stories to tell.

Sometimes, we just never really care to pay close attention to what happens in our life and how things happen, so we think we just got nothing to tell.

Even if you think your “life is boring” – you have the power to make it not boring!

You have the ability to make new stories. Realize that!

Combine storytelling with blogging; and learn how to entertain your audience and teach them valuable knowledge – at the same time.

It can take some time to become a good storyteller through written words. But you can also record a video or an audio!

Get very creative – just because you can!

Learn how to make your stories relate to what you want to teach.

Use your imagination and creativity.

Practice consistently and just keep on trying new ways to teach your audience in the best way possible – through simple stories.

Life stories are great – people love them.

But, you can also borrow other people’s stories and tell them in your own way.

When it comes to blogging and becoming successful at it – you have to learn a lot about people – because the people are the ones who will make or break your blog.

You are blogging for an audience.

That is what blogging is really all about.

Never forget that!

Is about truly connecting with your niche’s audience, and making them feel really comfortable, and most importantly, making them not just like you but love you!

There is just something amazing and powerful about teaching through stories.

You make people feel good when they are reading your content and that can result in them following you for a lifetime.

If someone loves how you write and how you teach through stories – they will subscribe to your email list and follow on social networks, forever.

Multiply that one person times a few thousand now!

Because; if one person loves your writing style and really loves your character and the value your bring to the table – chances are there are millions of other people just like that one person.

You would have a HUGE fan base who loves your writing style, your character, your life’s journey, and the way you openly share interesting stories that teach a lot of valuable knowledge at the same time.

Successful blogging is really all about truly connecting with your visitors/audience!

Storytelling is a great way to do that and more!

If you really want to become a successful blogger – I highly recommend you to combine storytelling and blogging. Learn more about this combination and practice my friend!

You are not going to be the greatest storyteller overnight.

It takes time to become a good storyteller. And even more so when you are trying to teach valuable knowledge at the same time.

I’m still learning about storytelling and using it with blogging – myself. There is always room for improvement here.

Anyways, this has been a long blog post!

If you have made it this far – I would like to thank you!

Do you have an interesting story to tell?

Feel free to share with us in a comment below.

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Thank you very much for coming by and taking the time to learn a little bit more about me and hopefully you have learned valuable information and got inspired today!

Share this with others – if it feels right in your heart :D

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Talk to you soon.


The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging! by

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