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The Right Way for Setting Financial Goals Online

Setting financial goals online or in general has to be done the right way in order to achieve them.

I know most people think that setting a financial goal and doing very little of the necessary work to help it happen, is good enough.

If you have set financial goals for yourself before and you have not been able to accomplish them – then changing the way you are doing the entire ‘goal setting’ process is what will help you get there.

There are many things people do wrong when they are setting financial goals and working towards them.

I would say the results you get when you are working towards your financial goal, will depend a lot more on the way you are setting those financial goals and how you treat those goals.

No one was born with the right knowledge on how to set goals in life the best way possible in order to accomplish them for sure. This is something you learn from experience and from others who have done it and are doing it right.

I have learned many great things on goal setting and making your visions become a reality – from many great leaders online.

There are so many great leaders and great examples of success in the world. My best advice to you would be to listen carefully and pay close attention to those who are trying to teach you exactly how to accomplish your goals the best and right way.

Setting Financial Goals OnlineSetting Financial Goals Online

If you want to hit a specific income number from your online business – you will need to follow couple of things. I highly recommend you to use a notebook to take notes and to help you break things down.

The best way for setting financial goals online in simple steps…

1 – Learn exactly where you are in your online business. You want to know where you are at, before you try to go where you want to go.

Write down how much money you are currently earning online. Write down how much traffic/revenue you are getting at the moment. Record everything you can of where you stand at this moment in what you are building online.

I’d assume you are trying to build a successful blog online and you want to accomplish certain goals with it. Learn exactly where you blog is standing at right now.

If we’re talking a blog here, I’d recommend you to write down the Alexa Rankings. You want to keep track of everything that is happening while you are working towards your goals.

2 – Once you know where you stand in your online business, now you can know how much you need to do and what things you need to do in order to take steps towards your financial goals.

It is time to set your goals!

Be crystal clear with your financial goals!The Right Way for Setting Financial Goals Online

Set a very clear and very detailed financial goal you want to accomplish in couple of months or weeks. The time you want to give yourself to accomplish a goal will depend on many factors and some of them is where you at with your business at the moment and the size of the goal.

This is why it is very important to find out exactly where your business online is today. Is your business online brand new? … is it getting a lot of visitors daily? … does it have a good reputation? …does it even have a reputation?… etc ..

Once you gather all of this information, you can then think of a reasonable and realistic time frame you think you will need to accomplish your financial goal.

Once you have a pretty good idea of the time frame – it is time to set a very clear financial goal online.

Be very precise and detailed with your goals. If I would want to earn $10,000 from online commissions in 3 months from today then I would not just set a goal of ‘$10,000 in 3 months’ – I would set a goal like this; $10,374.57 in commissions by May 30, 2014.

Some people do not take this part very seriously and that is one of the reasons why they are the ones who never seem to accomplish their goals in life. Especially financial goals.

Clarity should be your best friend when you are setting financial goals online!

3 – You want to use all of your senses and all of your energy to attract what you want in your life a lot faster.

Use the most powerful tool you have to help you accomplish your goals!

Your Brain!Setting Financial Goals OnlineThis is where you want to work on vision boards, audios, notes, imagination and anything to help you think about your financial goal on a daily basis.

And not just think but also feel your goals. I know it might sound weird but you need to learn how to day-dream about accomplishing your financial goals.

Just like you used to day-dream during class when you were in school. Our imagination is more powerful than we give it credit for.

If you learn how to visualize your financial goals and you do it every single day, along with a lot of massive hard work, there is nothing that can stop you!

I highly recommend you to create a vision board where you have written your financial goals and also what you want to buy with the money you earn. Make sure you take a time to look at your vision board for a minute or two and do some visualization.

You also want to write down your goals and read them twice a day. Once when you wake up and once before going to sleep.

If you can, record yourself talking to yourself as if you have already accomplished your financial goal online. I know this also might sound weird but it is very important for you to make your brain step into your future.

If you record your voice talking about how happy you are because you have been able to accomplish your financial goal and now you are living the life you always dreamed of….. – listening to this audio daily will put you in the right attitude and with the right energy to make everything go your way when you are working to make it happen.

Audios are way more powerful than you think. Take advantage of this technique and use it for your success online.

You want to be as detailed as possible with this audio too. The more descriptive you are with what you are saying in the audio, the better.

You want to talk in the audio as if you were sitting or standing somewhere in the future feeling very happy because you did it! .. you want to basically record this audio in the present tense…

You could say something like;

“I’m sitting in my new living room, in my new house. And as I look outside the window, it is a beautiful day, and I feel very happy because I have finally accomplished my financial goal. I have earned close to $10,374.57 in commissions and it’s Friday May 30, 2014……. blah blah blah….”.

That would be a great audio to listen to on a daily basis to put you on the right path to getting there.

If you are reading, seeing, thinking, imagining and listening your financial goals and any goals you have with it – on a daily basis then you are very well on the path to success. But you cannot forget to Take Massive Action as much as possible along with this process.

4 – Without taking the right massive action, setting financial goals the right way is pointless!

Setting Financial Goals Online

You need to understand this last part very, very well – if you want to make everything that I’m teaching you here work. You will need to put in the necessary hard work to accomplish your financial goals online.

You cannot forget putting in as much hard work as possible when you are working towards your goals. Doing all of the visualization and all of the mindset stuff will only work if hard work is the best friend.

Learn exactly what are the things you need to work on and how you are going to hit your financial goal. This is where breaking things down as much as possible will have to get done.

Do your calculations and your research on how are you going to hit your financial goal in the time frame you give yourself.

How many sales you will need? … how many leads you will need to get at least 2 sales? …

How much traffic you need to get 40 – 50 leads every day? … how are you going to increase and build up your traffic/revenue? ..

There are many questions you can come up to help you break things down and see what things you need to be doing on a daily basis to take one step closer to your goals.

Gather all of this information and take as much massive action as possible!

I really hope I’m making sense with everything I’m sharing with you here and this helps you learn the best way for setting financial goals online. If I’m doing a bad job or I could use some improvement in the way I teach you things – please feel free to let me know!. ..

I have also recorded a video where I talk to you about how to set goals the right way. Watch it and embrace what I’m sharing with you here.

The Best Way for Setting Financial Goals Online!

There is only one way for setting financial goals and any goals the right way so you have the best chance to accomplish them.

I’m telling you from experience, you will accomplish your financial goals and any goals in life a lot easier if you follow everything that I share here with you.

You might not have massive results at the beginning and while you are learning this entire process. Just practice this with measurable goals and realistic small goals.

Accomplish small goals with this technique and go from there. Harness the power you find in yourself when you do this, because, let me tell that you will feel a change in your energy while doing this entire process.

Setting financial goals online is easy but the challenge will come in the necessary work you will have to put into making it happen. If you put all of the pieces here the right way and you do the right things on a daily basis – you will only have to put a lot of hard work for a short time.

Success is 80% mindset and 20% actionSuccess is 80% mindset and 20% action

Does this tell you enough? … on how important and how powerful your mind and brain is!! ..

I really hope all of this information here can help you accomplish your financial goals online. If this information has helped you a lot and you got good results with it – please leave your feedback in a comment below.

What are your thoughts on this subject? …

Don’t be shy to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and comments on this subject! 😀
Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success online!






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