The Role Of Digital Marketing In Mobile App Development

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Now that the world is going mobile, there is no limit to mobile apps’ growth.

The Role Of Digital Marketing In Mobile App Development

Digital marketing, mobile applications, and social media have tremendously revolutionized the mobile industry which has made the mobile social industry what it is today.

Social media (digital marketing) has played a crucial role in popularizing every aspect of mobile app development.

Generally, digital marketing has evolved into a highly competitive area of business development.

In the tech industry, many top app development companies are not getting it right because they are finding it difficult to get their apps discovered among the myriad of competitive apps available in app stores.

Ultimately, the mobile industry is thriving but is sad to know that most app developers are yet to fully understand how to drive app demand.

Even after creating what they feel is the ultimate onboarding experience, many top app development companies fail to meet up to their own expectations particularly when it comes to building an audience because they think that mobile advertising such as in-app ads is the way to go.

Interestingly, digital marketing which is for the most part free for everyone is one of several effective ways of driving app demand. One good way of achieving this is by using social media strictly for marketing purpose.

No doubt, mobile is the future of social media particularly now that the mobile trend is taking over the digital landscape.

To some extent, digital marketing offers a level playing field for everyone with equal opportunity to create recognition.

Apart from helping users discover more apps frequently, this advertising channel provides top app development companies and appreneurs (i.e. app developers) with a cost-effective method to create buzz around their apps.

When it comes to advertising products (apps) and creating awareness among customers, digital marketing plays a very crucial key role that cannot be overlooked by any product or organization.

As a matter of fact, it presents a shortcut for establishing a viable brand image and boosting brand recognition.

Actually, some top app development companies use this method of advertisement to essentially market their business promote public relation in the cooperate world.

Get users coming back for more

The mission of any onboarding experience should be basically aimed at bringing users back again and again.

Most top app development companies in New Jersey employ digital marketing to keep their users on the app highway. For first time users, this can be compared to an entry ramp on a highway.

Imperatively, you have them coming back for more once they succeed in this phase. This is systematically known as “user retention” in the tech world.

It is one thing to have people download your app but it is much more important to get people using your app. Having more active users is entirely different from having downloads.

As a matter of fact, people may just show some interest in your app and may even end up not using it as such.

However, with digital marketing, you can see what your users like and what they don’t appreciate. See where they engage by swiping, pinching, and tapping.

See where they drop out. See where they spend the most time. Basically, it helps you to effectively monitor your user experience and behavior.

Optimize user experience

Most top app development companies use visual mobile analytics tools to refine their user experience during the app development phase.

Ultimately, they seek to know why their user’s act the way they do.

Apart from helping to monitor user experience, this tool can be very effective at analyzing and optimizing user experience.

With this productive online advertisement channel, you can get your apps’ services or products to your targeted audience and provide your clients or customers with a seamless user experience wherever they may find themselves.

Enhanced publicity

Business recognition is the focal point of any marketing strategy.

Top app development companies concentrate a significant amount of efforts and resources on their business voice and substance due to its ability to providing credible results.

While helping to make their business notable and intimate with their already-existing clients, digital marketing plays a very crucial role in making brands recognizable and even more available to new clients.

Anyone (app developer, designer, entrepreneur etc.) looking to sustain their business growth in today’s ever-changing digital technological world must never undermine the power of enhanced publicity.

Ultimately, your business growth in the digital marketplace depends largely on your ability to build an effective marketing strategy that is capable of keeping up with modern technology.

Good marketing practices to imbibe

One of the original reasons whey mobile platform got huge acceptance is because of mobile app development.

If not for this, things would have gone otherwise. However, it is important to understand that not all digital marketing practices are the same.

When it comes to app marketing, there are three crucial metrics that should be considered. They include

– Volume of downloads

– Conversion rates

– User quality

Here are some effective practices you may need to embrace to ensure things look good at the end.

Add a personal tone

In a bid to develop loyal customer relations, top app development companies invest heavily in developing personalized apps.

This is because they have a great way of fostering relationships between users and brands.

For the fact that you are creating something personal does not necessarily mean that it cannot be professional. Basically, all you are looking to achieve is create that kind human voice people will appreciate. This will help to garner more attention and interest from users.

Share with influencers

As a developer, you can expose yourself and your product by sharing with influencers.

Reach out to various publication writers and influential blogs via social media to make your product known.

Present a clear description of your app to bloggers who are highly influential with their audience.

Let them know how it will help users while you give them a chance to try it out themselves.

Remember to include the links to your social media properties, as well as screenshots and other app download links


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