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This article will teach you tips for becoming an expert gamer so you can have the opportunity to make money.

Get comfortable, grab a drink and some snacks, and learn how to become a professional gamer and get paid doing what you love.

The Most Effective Tips On How to Become a Professional Gamer and Get Paid in 2023 - 20+ Tips!

Let’s get started with a bit of history.


In 1972, one of the earliest video games was created.

The name of the video game was Pong, and Atari was the company that made it.

A cylindrical object would move across the computer screen from left to right and right to left using a device, which was connected to the computer. The ball striking a bar or the paddles controlled the movement of the cylindrical object.

Two people could operate the paddles, or one could compete against the computer.

The motion of the back-and-forth engagement would eventually escalate and go faster.

Moreover, the ball would occasionally strike the screen’s multiple edges and position out in an alternative direction.

There were no noticeable images.

Video games have advanced significantly.

Most certainly, numerous parents warned their kids against spending many hours playing computer games when these games initially gained popularity.

But given the game’s popularity today and the fact that money can be made playing it, I wonder if the same advice would still be given by parents.

Having those thoughts, let’s fire up our gaming console or visit a gaming website to look at prospects for professional gaming and learn how to transform into an expert gamer that not only gets paid but also gets paid handsomely.

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Tips on How to Become a Professional Gamer and Get Paid

1 – Game Choice

The game you play is an important decision to make if you want to become a professional gamer.

The ideal approach is to pick one game and master it.

The last thing is what you want to focus on.

Among the more widely played sports video games include:

  •         League of Legends
  •         StarCraft II
  •         Fortnite
  •         Depot 22

Add to this list in a comment below.

2 – Regular Practicing

Just like anything else, practicing is a need for successful outcomes.

There are no quick cuts to becoming an expert gamer, but this is the same procedure.

The starting point is to become an expert in the game’s mechanics and acquire knowledge of the skills related to the gaming program.

Your consistent effort should enable you to reach the point when playing video games comes naturally to you and flows naturally.

You develop an instinct for games.

Experts in gaming frequently polish their techniques.

They make a number of modifications with enhancements in mind while trying to stay focused.

3 – Choose a Genre

Your choices regarding the genre are crucial.

There are many different genres readily accessible for gamers, some of which include:

  •         Shooters
  •         Simulation in sports
  •         Sandbox
  •         Real-time strategy

You can choose a certain area, but the best approach is to focus on becoming an expert in one particular area, as your skill set may correspond to a certain type of game that is offered.

For instance, using the sports game genre may be your best option if you have a solid grasp of sports strategy.

Alternatively, if you are strong at controlling, you can play many different street fighting games.

Some of these street fighting games include Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3 and Ultra Street Fighter for Roman number four.

4 – Streaming

It is crucial to make the decision whether you want to become a professional gamer or a video game streamer.

Professional streamers contend via venues that offer live gaming.

Professional streamers expand their own channel and increase their fan base using platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Streamers can make money through donations by advertisers, or they can opt to use affiliate marketing.

A professional gamer is primarily concerned about making money from sponsors and team competitions.

Through sponsorships and prize money from competitions, pro gamers can make money.

A professional gamer has a better chance of making more money than a streamer.

But it is important to not neglect streaming as a gamer when you want to learn how to become a professional gamer and get paid.

5 – Gaming Platform

It is important to know your platforms.

In order to learn how to become a professional gamer and get paid, you need to know your stuff.

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The choice of gaming platform needs to be made. The most popular gaming platforms include:

  •         Xbox One
  •         PS4
  •         Nintendo Switch
  •         PC
  •         Smartphones

6 – Create an online account

It is crucial that you maintain and develop this by describing-yourself approach.

This means that your name is going to be discussed and acknowledged in a range of gaming chats, the more well-known you are among players and game lovers.

This means creating your online profile is crucial.

You may do this by routinely using Twitter to chat about gaming and the games you are playing, connecting with other gamers and fans on other social media sites, and participating in conversations and photo shoots.

It’s crucial to network at events and participate in “meet and greet” activities so that you can get to know other gamers.

7 – Diverse Games

Unless you have already decided which game you are going to concentrate on, it is crucial to try out as many games as you can to improve your gaming skills and strive toward being a master of the game.

This will help you determine the games that are appealing to you and the abilities that fit your skill level and potential.

8 – The gaming industry

The next crucial stage is becoming recognized once you have attained an excellent level of gaming expertise.

Joining a community of other gamers can help you achieve this.

You can do this online or by physically meeting other players.

Getting a chance to be with other like-minded gamers who can encourage and aid you and refine your methods toward your objective of becoming an expert gamer is another benefit of joining a community.

Additionally, you can play together and learn new techniques for playing different video games within this community.

9 – Participation

Attending a variety of neighborhood gaming competitions is one of the fundamental and initial phases before participating at a professional level.

These events are frequently on your mind after you join a gaming group, and there are many ways you may become involved.

Some of them involve attending and watching or taking part as a player.

This is the fundamental start of your trip to becoming a professional gamer and will assist you in becoming accustomed to the procedure and enjoying the thrilling ambiance associated with gaming competitions.

10 – Broadcast Your Playing Sessions

To sustain your advantage in a competitive climate, it’s critical to stay active.

Streaming your gaming sessions is a smart option if there aren’t any competitions for a time, in order to keep up your competitiveness.

You can achieve this while gaming on a different PC.

Managing your possible restricted system capabilities on a different computer system as you play

11 – Participate in competitions

Starting to compete in leagues and tournaments is the next logical step on the path toward becoming an expert gamer.

This follows your participation in and engagement with locally hosted gaming activities.

You will get the chance to see the process, immerse yourself in the setting, and witness other gamers as they participate in these elite tournaments that you are about to start participating in.

You can enter the competition and start your road toward becoming a professional gamer once you have watched for a time and possibly participate in the next competition.

Experience is the best teacher, and the same is true for the gaming world and participating in an event entirely.

It’s critical to maintain your concentration and attention on your objective of becoming a player and competing for various rewards and money, in addition to developing skills.

12 – Join a Group

The next stage in the process would be to locate a mentor as you advance in becoming an accomplished player and ultimately grow your track record.

You should concentrate on and choose teammates who have excellent abilities and the capacity to compete in the game operations.

An additional benefit of joining a team is that you may play with those who share your interests and values, rather than competing against them on your own.

As a result of your performance and developing reputation, there’s also a chance that you’ll be invited to join a team. is one website where you may look for a team to join.

13 – Chat with Fellow Gamers

You should speak to fellow gamers as you develop your online community.

It can be an effective strategy to try to get in touch with a player you find impressive to learn more about how they got started, the method they used, or the different techniques they employ while competing in tournaments.

These gamers will frequently be overjoyed that you noticed them and be prepared to assist.

This may be done by using the in-game chat features, as well as interacting with elite gamers through online forums and chat rooms.

You can also invite these individuals to conversations on how to play the game and ways to improve without being offended.

14 – Connect with other elite Gamers

While you attempt to establish your reputation and become a professional gamer, you may ultimately run across gamers that are ranked higher than you.

Instead of attempting to avoid them, you should compete against them and discuss your gaming techniques with them. Learn their gaming strategy and utilize it when preparing yourself for tournaments.

You shouldn’t miss this important mentoring process.

15 – Join a League

You can take part in a variety of leagues to sharpen your competitive spirit and master the game.

Popular leagues include:

  • ESL
  •  ESEA
  • MLG
  • KeSPA

Players have the chance to participate in these leagues’ seasonal events, which ultimately lead to tournaments with titles.

These competitions are available online, and you may sign up for the seasons.

16 – Research Videos

As you become a professional, watching and studying videos from different professional games can help you learn skills and become a pro.

Observing other players’ play can teach you a lot about how they manage the match and the different tactics and strategies they use in games that are competitive.

Additionally, it’s essential to search for the latest games possible so that you can get to know players who are highly ranked internationally and observe their gameplay.

17 – Old against Modern

It is better to stay with the game that is well-established in the community when starting to pursue a professional gaming career.

This provides a more secure means to start your professional gaming career and represents a component of your overall approach.

By focusing on well-known games, you may expand on your current knowledge and expertise, which will help you begin transitioning to that professional level.

Nevertheless, remaining committed to popular or classic games will undoubtedly attract more competitors, and the increased rivalry will intensify.

A new player may find it challenging to start the process of a higher rating as a result.

Even though choosing a new game is a riskier venture, your career may benefit in a shorter amount of time because the competition is not as fierce due to the large number of players.

A measured risk and approach should be used here.

18 – Take a Pressure Test

The handling of pressure should also be incorporated into your game plan if you want to succeed.

This is a psychological and emotional component of the game, particularly when competing and playing in tournaments.

It’s crucial that you control your anxiety and don’t allow it to control you.

You should take advantage of each chance you get to compete in a difficult event so that you may put your tactics, plans, and talents to the test under pressure.

Participating in LAN competitions is an additional tactic or choice.

A LAN competition is an event where players from various gaming platforms and computers get together to play multiplayer video games over a local area network (LAN).

19 – Upgrade Your Level

In order to become a professional gamer, one must not only research the opposition but also observe the methods and approaches they use to reach their level of gaming.

There are various movies posted online that might serve as tutorials for you so that you can utilize some of the tactics that could upgrade your level and examine how others play and their competitiveness.

Online professional tournaments are another option.

Attending these competitions would be a fantastic idea so that you could see how everyone plays and the tactics they employ.

You can view players as they stream their gameplay on different streaming websites.

20 – You Get What You Invest

It may be very costly to get into the gaming business, both in terms of time and money.

It is essential to understand that you get what you pay for, so if you want to level the playing field on your path to professional status, you’ll have to invest in the correct equipment.

The following are items that you should upgrade:

  •         LED monitor
  •         Comfy gaming chairs.
  •         Gaming PC
  •         Gaming mouse
  •         Headset mechanical keyboard
  •         Quality surround sound speakers

21 – Sponsorship

At some point, finding a business partner is crucial to going pro and receiving financial assistance.

Sponsorship can assist ease some of the possible financial strain and allow you to focus more of your time and energy on improving your game rather than on seeking out ways to make money.

Depending on your skill level in games, a sponsor will usually think about funding you. Assuming you succeed, you will be obligated to put on their goods, for instance, clothes, and promote them when playing as part of their brand ambassador.

Additionally, whenever you attend events and when you describe any of your videos, you must reference their website.

Besides, if you win in a competition, a sponsor might be more likely to offer bonuses.

22 – Seek Inspiration

Your mentality or drive for experiencing this process is another crucial component of being a professional gamer.

Undoubtedly, if you succeed in the game sector, you may earn revenue and get renown.

Nevertheless, pursuing these objectives can potentially become unfulfilling, and as a result, lead to your downfall.

You’II has to discover a source of motivation other than these temporary things.

Enjoying games and the gaming business still has its place and can give you the drive needed to succeed.

23 – Exhibit High-Level Professionalism

It is crucial that what you do, as a professional gamer, align with your personality and way of life.

While breaking into the gaming industry, it’s critical to understand that your behavior will be seen by the public. As a result, you must behave appropriately to maintain your morals and avoid jeopardizing any of your sponsorship deals.

24 – Advancement

It is essential to compete to win or perform well at every stage of the competition at various levels if you want to become a professional.

Therefore, as you go up the ranks and finish first in each of your respective groups, your name will start to appear in the rankings.

Thus, it is vital that you be knowledgeable about the numerous levels of tournaments and how each of the different structures introduces fresh participants to the game.

A gamer often progresses through matchmaking, public contests, higher league levels, and participation in tournaments before moving on.

Ascending the ranks, which is the advancement scheme used, is a tried-and-true method for helping rookies establish themselves as household names.

25 – Adjustments

Becoming a pro involves acting like a pro, which entails taking good care of your physical condition and your thoughts by getting adequate sleep, eating well, and reducing stress.

There needs to be balance, just like with everything else we try to seek.

26 – Become Notable

It is critical to keep in mind that becoming a pro involves two distinct steps.

The only method is improving your game.

Establishing relationships or engaging to support your growth or level-climbing is the second part of the journey.

Building trusting connections with elite players who are rated higher than you and getting accepted to exclusive Discord channels can help you achieve this.

Gamers will stand out and be noticed by professional companies in this setting.

Own Journey

If you spend days at a time on a navy vessel with no training or other tasks to do, there isn’t anything to do in your free time.

Following sending a letter home, it was usually quiet on the hanger deck, though sometimes an entertaining film would be screened.

The widespread acceptance of the dentistry clinic on board the helicopter carriers was the one exemption, though.

Although one might not consider dental care to be widespread, one of the dental professionals, jokingly referred to as the tooth fairy, actually owned a portable Game Boy on which football could be played.

Although the game’s interface was primitive compared to modern video game technological advances at the time, it was such a hit that it provided a much-needed distraction during those boring evenings on board the vessel.

FAQs about how to become a professional gamer and get paid

How much does a professional gamer make?

A professional gamer can earn between $19,910 and $187,200 annually.

The average salary is about $44,680

What qualifications do you need to be a professional gamer?

This is one of those jobs where you don’t need much other than ambition and dedication to the craft.

Just like you don’t need any type of degree to become a Youtuber and get paid, becoming a professional gamer to make money is the same journey.

How long does it take to become a pro gamer?

The honest truth is that it’ll take a couple of years for you to become an expert and a professional gamer and get paid.

This is one of those types of journeys.

What is the estimated number of Professionals Gamers across the World?

There are about 2.95 billion people who play video games, according to a report by

In the United States, there are approximately 8,000 Professionals Gamers.

How hard is it to become a professional gamer?

As with any other endeavor, you need to put in the work consistently.

Even when it seems like you can’t make it, you have to keep going.

It can be challenging, but it is possible.

You Can Do It Too

Playing video games is no longer in the hands of your parents.

Modern video games are played online or on gaming consoles at greater levels now.

Competing against others in this environment, and in some circumstances, significant revenue is possible.

Your determination can help you become a professional gamer, and have a clear objective in mind.

You’re ready for battle now.

I hope these tips will help you learn how to become a professional gamer and get paid!


Video games have advanced considerably in recent years.

They are also more complex and have more compelling visuals that are more difficult.

The person playing the game has also advanced, becoming smarter, more aggressive, and more involved.

The world of video games has now reached a high-stakes level because of this partnership, where the chance to make substantial amounts of money is equal to the intensity and growth in-game level.

The Most Effective Tips On How to Become a Professional Gamer and Get Paid in 2024 - 20+ Tips! by

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