Top 5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress Blogs

The speed of your WP Blog Site will depend a lot on the Cache Plugins you use. Let me share with you my Top 5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress Blogs Online….

Top 5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress Blogs

  1. WP Super Cache

  2. W3 Total Cache

  3. WP Fastest Cache

  4. Hyper Cache

  5. Generate Cache

These are the 5 best cache plugins for wordpress blogs I recommend you to check out and use to build a fast-loading site online.

The time your website takes to fully load can hurt you in more ways than you think. It has been studied that you could easily lose a good amount of visitors, leads & click because of the time the website takes to load.

If your website takes more than 15 seconds to load or even 10 seconds…. it can cost you some serious numbers…

People in today’s world is getting used to a fast-paced environment. With all of the technology making it easier for us to get everything on demand, we tend to ignore those websites that take too long to load up.

This is why it is important you work on the speed of your site and make sure it is always well-optimized. If you are looking to optimize and speed up your website, you can use the best Cache Plugins for WordPress Blogs I recommend here to accomplish that.

Let me show you how to setup each one of these Cache Plugins for WordPress

1 – WP Super Cache

Top 5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress BlogsOnce you install this Caching Plugin – go to the Settings Page and turn it on.

What you can do next is Test if everything is working correctly – click on the ‘Test Cache’ button…

Best Cache Plugins for WordPress BlogsIf everything is ok & green then you are good to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

The next thing will be to set everything up to take the best advantage of this Caching Plugin for WordPress.

Follow everything that I show you here and select the same options in the images.

This is what I have learned so far thanks to my experience with WP Blogs in the last couple of years.

Cache Plugins for WordPress BlogsClick on ‘Update Status’ – and once you do that, scroll down the page to click on ‘Update Mod_Rewrite Rules’ Cache Plugins for WordPress

Set the ‘Expiry Time & Garbage Collection’ to 3600 seconds.

Cache Plugins Cache Plugins for WP

This is all you need to do to set up the WP Super Cache Plugin.

2 – W3 Total Cache


Go to the ‘General Settings’ under ‘Performance’ on the WP Dashboard Menu.

Enable the ‘Page Cache’ and enable ‘Minify.

I’d also recommend to not enable Database Cache and Object Cache for better performance with your hosting (especially

ย Lastly, enable the ‘Browser Cache.

W3-Cache-Plugin-Browser-Cache-SetupDoing this should be enough to setup the plugin and if you want to keep it simple. This Caching Plugin really does the job.

You can spend more time browsing around the other options from this cache plugin and take more time to learn how to use them to your advantage.

3 – WP Fastest Cache


This is a very simple caching plugin for WordPress.

I highly recommend you to go through all of the settings and learn about them.

In the image above, you can see the available options – and an example of what you should have.

This is one of the best caching plugins around. It has a few more features than most WP Caching plugins. You can also learn more about WP Fastest Cache on their WordPress Plugins Page.

4 – Hyper Cache

Hyper-Cache-SetupGo to the ‘Hyper Cache’ Page under Settings. Allow browser caching and you should be ready to go. This is a simple Cache Plugin for WordPress Blogs.

There are not too many complicated options and you can just set this up in minutes and start benefiting from what is does, cache. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

5 – Generate Cache


Go to the ‘Generate Cache’ Page under Settings. Click on ‘Generate cache now!”. You should be ready to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is another simple Caching Plugin for WordPress Blogs. Install it, and then start caching your website. ๐Ÿ˜€

Inย  conclusion, learning how to optimize your WP Blog the best way possible is very important for your success online. It is a must you build a fast-loading website online.

Use the best free cache plugins for WordPress Sites right now and I’d recommend you to invest in better ways to improve the speed of your website whenever you can.

If you have any other recommendations, please share them with us in a comment below… ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success online!




-Freddy Gandarilla

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