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When you try searching any keyword or phrase on Google, you’ll discover countless pages of content you can explore.

As a content marketer, you certainly know the difference between the results featured on the first and those on the 15th page.

It’s not only about quality; it’s also about the time and effort the authors and marketers invested into promotion.

The way you distribute pieces of content across various online channels makes a huge difference in the popularity of the site you’re promoting.

Of course, the blogging tools you use make a huge difference.

Check out the following list of tools; they will elevate the effectiveness of your overall content marketing campaign.

Top Blogging Tools You Should Use As A Professional Content Marketer

1 – CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Do you know what technique can get you more visits without any serious effort and aggressive promotion?

Writing better headlines!

The title is the first thing a visitor reads.

This section is even more important when it comes to social media shares, since it’s the only thing that’s clearly visible in the post.

If you manage to get some attention, you’ll turn social media users into visitors, and visitors into users.

How do you know which version of your headline is the perfect one?

You can use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to figure that out.

Paste your title in the box and hit the Analyze Now button.

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You’ll get an analysis of the overall structure, grammar and readability.

Then, you’ll get a Google search preview, which shows how your headline is going to appear in the search engine’s result.

Try this with few variations of the headline and choose the one that gets the highest overall score.

2 – Piktochart

Infographics are still among the coolest types of content you can use to get any kind of information viewed by a greater audience.

Visual content always generates more traffic because it enables the readers to process more information in a shorter period of time.

Plus, an infographic really helps with branding.

You can infuse a logo, brand colors, and a link to your blog into the design.

You get the point; infographics are important.

The only question is: how do you create them without wasting much time?

Piktochart is one of the most intuitive infographic makers you can use.

There is a huge library of professionally-designed templates that gets regular updates.

You can create an awesome design in less than 20 minutes.

3 – Calmly Writer

When you’re composing your own content, it’s important to discover the right distraction-free software that keeps you focused on the words.

MS Word is not the most suitable option, since it contains unnecessary features and icons that attract your attention.

When you need to insert an image, change the margins or make any other change in the document, you have to deal with a menu that’s more complicated than necessary.

Plus, you always risk losing your text in the middle of the writing process.

Calmly Writer enables you to write in a motivational environment that keeps your attention focused on the current paragraph you are working on.

You can easily format the text by using keyboard shortcuts or markdown, so you won’t get distracted at all.

The work will be automatically saved on the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

4 – W3 Total Cache

You know how important speed is.

Your visitors don’t have any time to waste, so they won’t be happy with slow loading.

W3 Total Cache is a cache plugin that will improve the performance of your site for at least 10 times.

It will provide transparent content delivery network integration and it will reduce the download times.

How is this tool related to content marketing, you might ask?

Well, it doesn’t matter how many marketing tools you use if the site you’re promoting fails to load as quickly as possible.

This tool will improve the experience of your readers.

You can keep your WordPress theme and all plugins, and you won’t have to change the type of content you produce.

5 – Reedsy

This is a community where you can meet great editors, designers, and marketers.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re trying to build a new project and you want a great team of freelancers to work on it, this is the place where you can find them.

Since writing and project management tools are effectively integrated into the platform, you’ll be able to collaborate with your team with great ease.

Keep in mind that Reedsy is mostly intended for producing beautiful books.

That’s where your job as a content marketer starts.

Have you ever thought of promoting your project with an actual book that will add great value into the base of content in the relevant niche?

That’s a nice way to gain authority and make your site very influential.

6 – Optimizely

A/B testing is a very effective practice that enables you to develop the best landing pages for your site.

Are you wondering whether or not you should implement social media buttons or any other new features on your blog?

Not all additions work well for different sites.

Social media buttons can certainly help, but they can also distract the reader if positions in the wrong places.

Optimizely lets you test two different versions of your pages.

The service will deliver the original version to half of the visitors, and the other half will see the modified version.

You’ll know which alternative performs better by the engagement measures that Optimizely will deliver after the test.

7 – UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Thinking about data loss always makes you stressed, but you have to start thinking about that risk at one point or another.

Websites get attacked by hackers and developers make serious mistakes when installing new plugins.

When you lose all that content you worked so hard to develop and promote, the only thing that could cross your mind is contacting the web hosting company.

That’s not always a solution, since it won’t recover all data.

UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin for WordPress.

It makes backups and restoration as simple as they get.

You can choose different cloud services to backup the content and data, and you can restore it with a single click if any disaster occurs.

8 – BuzzStream

Blogging is a competitive sport, but collaboration is also extremely important.

You have to build connections with other blogs and websites if you want your link building strategy to result with success.

Thanks to BuzzStream, you can discover influencers in your niche and reach out to them.

That’s not all; the platform also enables you to manage your relationships.

You can use BuzzStream to collaborate with your team and keep the projects organized.

You’ll never lose track of your conversations, since the tool will automatically save all tweets and emails related to these connections.

9 – NinjaOutreach

If you are not tapping into either blogger outreach or influencer marketing, you are missing quite a lot in the blogging sport.

You can use NinjaOutreach primarily to search for bloggers and influencers to boost your website’s exposure.

Build a list of prospects within the tool and reach out.

Whether you are planning on doing some link building or simply trying to promote your content, this tool will allow you to get the right prospects and reach out at the most cost-effective monthly subscription.

Not to mention, there’s also an automated sending feature and a lot of pre-written templates you can edit. Plus – an inbox where you can see all the sent emails, responses, and follow-up conversations.

10 – ContentIdeator

No matter how hard you try to promote a certain piece of content, your efforts will be useless if that post isn’t what the audience wants.

Sometimes you have a general idea for a trending topic, but you can’t think of a unique approach that would make the piece different from what the competition is offering.

That’s when ContentIdeator gets into the picture.

All you need to do is enter a keyword in the search box, and you’ll get a list of cool titles that will inspire you to move forward.

Unlike other automated tools of this type, the titles suggested by ContentIdeator actually make sense.

11 – Feedly

You always need to stay updated with the trends in your niche.

It’s important to know what topics the most influential blogs and websites are covering, so you can keep up with the competition and offer something even better for your target audience.

Feedly is the most effective newsfeed you can rely on.

You can follow any blog, website or YouTube channel that’s important to your audience.

Instead of visiting multiple blogs and comparing the pieces they feature, you will get all that content in a single feed.

It’s Your Move

All above-listed tools deliver proven results that enhance a content marketer’s campaign.

They are quite versatile, so you can easily implement all of them into your routine.

Needless to say, everyone’s approach is different and you should continue using only those blogging tools that deliver better results for your projects.

Keep experimenting; new tools are getting launched by the day!

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