What is SEO and How Does it Work?

What is SEO and How Does it Work?This is one of the most common questions in the “Newbie Community”What is SEO and How does it work!? ..

If you are someone who is brand new to the internet and doesn’t know much about SEO – don’t worry, this post will help you understand the Search Engines and SEO in a simple way.

Learning what you need to know about SEO, to get Free Organic Traffic to your website from the Search Engines, is easy – there is nothing complicated about SEO. Unless YOU make it complicated. …got it!? .. 😉

The only challenge people find with SEO is with the information they make more complicated than it actually is.

I’ve came across a lot of people online who are not really getting the results they want and they are not applying ANY SEO strategy to their marketing – and when I tell them about SEO and how they should be learning more about it and taking advantage of it – they just reply with things like …. …

“I don’t have time for it and it looks too complicated for me right now…”

…”I’m not good at it and I can’t have the patience to learn it all..”

And well there are many more other excuses people give when it comes to doing work!

If you don’t have the “time” for it or the “patience”, then that means you also do not have time or patience to change your entire lifeso you should not complain about your results online – if you are not taking advantage of SEO.

I’m also going to be honest here, I can’t blame most people for not Liking the SEO Strategies very much because YES it is a lot of work when you are brand new online and especially when you do not find the right information and follow the right steps.

Some of the SEO process you hear about can be a little bit scary and it might come up to you as.. “too much to get done” – especially when you come to this industry with the mentality that you will not work as hard as you worked in your J.O.B.

Do not come with that mentality here.

Of course that is the main goal with an online business, to have more freedom and money at the same time, BUT you will still need to put a lot of work at the beginning of your Online Journey.

The only difference here from a J.O.B. (just over broke) is the fact that you will only have to Put Sweat and Tears with MASSIVE Hard Work and MASSIVE Action, once.

Once you get the ball rolling online, and when you are earning couple thousands online, then you will be able to re-invest a good 20% back into growing your business.

Everyone who is successful online, had to build what they have today, all from scratch.

No one started with all of the knowledge to succeed, the experience and skills to build a successful blog online. Just keep in mind, not every single one of us will ever stop learning and gaining more experiences while we are breathing.

Life is a Journey of Lessons and Knowledge.


Let’s get back to the SEO Topic.

What is SEO and How does it work?

You do not need to know it all, trust me, this is enough information to get the results you want online.There are not secret formulas to rank up in the search engines but there could be secret SEO Strategies.

This is where you invest in your mentors and the best trainings available. You want to learn as many SEO Strategies as possible, so you can have options when it comes to implementing them to increase the organic traffic to your blogs.

What is SEO and How Does it Work?I have learned a lot of Cool SEO Strategies from Top Leaders like Rob Fore and David Wood. These are just two of my mentors.

Rob Fore

Rob Fore & me

There are a lot of other Great SEO Guys out there that I admire and always learn from.

Ranking in the search engines is more about knowing what is working now, than the technical process we are all used to follow when it comes to SEO. I’m talking about the Backlinks Process here.

There are ways to rank up in the search engines with Zero Backlinks

Maybe you could put in just a little bit of work to get couple backlinks to your root domain at the beginning but other than that – there are ways to get lots of search engine traffic without having to work on the backlinks.

In fact, the best and the original way to rank up in the search engines is by getting Natural Backlinks, Natural Social Interaction and Engagement.

There was never a rule that said “We NEED to manually get backlinks ourselves!” – backlinks to the search engines are basically links from other sites that Like or Love your content so much that they Link Back to a Page on your Website.

This is called Natural Backlinks and those are the backlinks you are looking for in order to get the best search engine traffic.

Of course you can see many marketers today go out and pay for backlinks, create other sites themselves for backlinks, use software for backlinks, etc.

But Backlinks to your site were meant to be natural and without having to get them manually.

If you focus on making your content so good, sooo good that people will get addicted to your content – then they will share it, comment on it and link back to it IF the content is THAT Valuable.

You want your content to go viral if possible, if you want to put it that way. And the best way to go Viral is to have something Good maybe Great, something no one really has, very unique info, and almost never seen before or anywhere else online.

It can be hard to make your content go viral online when you start blogging online for the first time but one of the main reasons why it is hard at the beginning is because you do not have a following yet, you do not have a “tribe” that is following you yet.

So you need to build one as soon as possible.

The best way to build a following is by learning good information, applying it, taking massive action to get results with that information and eventually teach it to others.

People will start following you automatically if you keep learning, implementing, getting results and teaching the same information and also sharing your results through your blogs, videos, audios and any other type of media you are using – simultaneously.

So what is SEO and How does it Work?

Here are the simple things you need to know.What is SEO and How Does it Work?SEO stands for search engine optimization. And to put it in my words; it is the optimization of your content and WebPage for the search engines so they can place your Page/Content in their search results.

The search engines have an Algorithm they use to rank pages in their search engine results (serps). The process will begin your site is crawled by the search engine bots called “Spiders”.

These “Spiders” go on your Page to find out exactly what the information you have published is about – and based on an Somewhat ‘Secret’ Algorithm, they rank your page in their Search Engine Results. That’s it. 😉

The Backlinking process can take care of itself when you understand what it is that you need to provide to the Search Engine Users with. Hope you get what I mean here.

Now, you can put it this way, your job is to tell those search engine spiders what your content/page is about and what you want the page to be ranked for, in other words, what keywords you want to rank up for in their search engine results.

Before you try to work on backlinks, I highly recommend you to work on the Quality of your content First.

Quality, unique and fresh content will always get you more traffic and better rankings than spending countless hours creating small pieces of content for backlinks.

I hope I have put this in a simple way and you understand what I’m saying here.

The most important point I want you to learn from this post today though…..is that Ranking in the Search Engines is not hard or hard to learn and master.

All it really takes is GREAT, Unique, VALUABLE, and Fresh Content on a Daily Basis.

So good that people want to Share and comment on it.


And the Search Engines also LOVEE that type of content because a happy user is always their number one goal. A good advice would be to always keep this in mind when build your website and the content for it.

So learn how to work with the Search Engines, if you want to put it in those words.

This is of course my knowledge on the Search Engines and SEO – I really hope I can make a difference in your SEO Journey 🙂

Ohh.. before I forget!..

I have also recorded an Audio on SEO and the Search Engines – feel free to listen to it right now (below) and don’t forget to follow me on SoundCloud 😉

Enjoy! 😀 …and thanks for listening! ..

If you have any more tips or stories in this subject, please leave them in a comment below and do not forget to share the knowledge!

Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success online!!




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  1. farah baron November 10, 2014 at 10:09 am - Reply

    Just Wow..Great information and I see that you have put a lot of work to it..Thanks so much..SEO is an organic tool ,free tool people can use to bring traffic to their blog. It is free but VERY EFFECTIVE for something that is FREE! In the long run of course like you said:)

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera November 10, 2014 at 2:07 pm - Reply

      Hey Farah!!

      SEO is one of the best free traffic generation methods you can use to build a successful business online!

      I’m very glad this information is helpful and valuable! 🙂

      Thank you for passing by and leaving an awesome comment!

      I wish you the best of the best!

      Cheers! 😀