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What is your Daily Blogging Strategy Plan?This post is for the bloggers out there.

What is your daily blogging strategy plan? …

I’ve been building blogs and learning all about blogging for a while now. I have my own daily blogging strategy plan to follow. I’m jut curious about other blogger’s daily blogging strategy plan.

I’ll share my daily blogging strategy plan in a bit. 😉

When it comes to building a successful blog online, I have seen people do it in many different ways.

And the funny part is that someone will say something about blogging and someone else will say the opposite. But they you find out that both have built a successful blog online.

How can this be possible? …

Some people say that blogging daily is a waste of time. And some other people would say that it is not. I wrote an interesting post about it the other day, you can read it here.

You are always going to find very different information online. The internet is filled with good and bad knowledge.

Honestly, at the end of the day, you are the only one who knows what is working and what is not.

You can get into countless minutes of arguments about blogging and this and that – and that is a waste of time.

The subject of “should you blog daily?” … is something people will always argue about. And to be honest, you shouldn’t be involved in of all that.

Work on what works for you.

And how do you know what works for you?

BY DOING!!!! … implementing what you learn and taking massive action with it! ..

That’s how you find out what works and what does not.

Plain and simple.

If you want to find out if “Blogging Daily” really helps your blog online – then you are going to have to blog every single day for at least 90 days, before you make an opinion about it.

A daily blogging strategy plan doesn’t really have to involve Publishing a New Blog Post every day.

A daily blogging strategy plan could also include:

  • Connecting with people on Social Networks to tell them about your Blog
  • Writing a few Articles to Publish on different Article Directories (with a link back to your blog)
  • Promoting your Blog Posts in Facebook Groups
  • Leaving Comments on other Blogs
  • Emailing your List about an old Valuable Blog Post
  • Connecting with other Bloggers Online
  • Working on Backlinks and SEO stuff for your Blogs Content
  • Working on Blog’s Conversion & Monetization
  • Looking for other Blogs for possible Guest Posting

These are some of the things you can include in your daily blogging strategy plan.

Feel free to add more to this list in a comment below! 😀

And well, this is basically my daily blogging strategy plan to build up the traffic to my blogs online.

You don’t have to do it all, of course. This is just a marketing plan or list – that you can pick a task from and just do it. Just do what you feel like doing during one day.

I also would say that publishing a new unique, and valuable blog post every day – can also count as marketing your blog a bit. You just got to share that new blog post in as many social networks as possible.

And just spend a little more time driving as much traffic to that new blog post as possible.

You can write a new blog post every other day, for an instance. And just market the heck out of your blog posts on the days you don’t write a new blog post.

Makes sense?!

There are no real “secrets” when it comes to building a successful blog online. But it will not be for everyone.

Not everyone likes to Blog!!

… in other words… not everyone likes to write a lot! 😮

If you don’t like to write a lot, and you know you don’t even have the will power to push yourself to do it, then maybe blogging is not for you at all.

Blogging is for those who are passionate about a subject and just love doing it every day or every week.

I can tell a lot of people jump into blogging way too quickly, without realizing that this is a job for a WRITER! .. for someone who is passionate about not only a Niche/Topic but also about Writing! ..

You can be passionate about Food Recipes, but you might hate writing too much. So building a successful blog online, on that topic, might not be for you.

But that does not mean you can’t push yourself to do it and just force the writing habit in your life!

At the end of the day, you are the master of your life. So you decide what you like or do not like. You decide what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. PERIOD.

I’m still shocked at how many people start a new blog online and then just leave it to die in the cyberspace after a month or two of “trying”.

According to some statistics online – there is a new blog born every half a second!!

That’s 175,000 new blogs created every single day!

That’s incredible! …

And that is A LOT of blogs online!! ..

But how many of those new blogs created every second, are actually going to make it happen? ..

I haven’t really looked into the exact percentage of how many people fail when attempting to build a successful blog online. But the numbers are 90%+!!

That means for every 10 new blogs created online – about 1 or 2 will actually become successful on the internet.

That is crazy!! ..

Why are so many people failing at building a successful blog online?? ..

I think is because people don’t really know what building a successful blog is all about and they jump waaaayy too fast onto building one.

You MUST learn all you need to know about blogging – before you even think about building one!

And not learn just about what blogging is all about, but also learn what does it take and how much work does it take to build a successful blog online.

If everyone learned all of this about building a successful blog online, before creating a new blog online, I think most people will think twice before creating a brand new blog.

Blogs, blogs, blogs…..

What a subject!!

What do you think??…

Leave you comments below… this is just a topic you can definitely talk about with other bloggers online…

If you would want to check out more blogging statistics around the world – check out WordPress Statistics.

I know I talked about a daily blogging strategy plan at the beginning of the post and then went on talking about blogging statistics… lol 😀

But I think that was related to the topic. Because where many fail, when building a successful blog online, is in their daily action plans to take the blog one step forward to a goal.

If you don’t have a plan to build a successful blog online, then you might get discourage easily and quit blogging before you know it.

You need a plan, a strategy, a road-map, you can follow every single day, to take your blog one step closer to success online. If you want to succeed online really badly that is. 😉

This is my blog post for the day! ..

Thank you for coming by and reading this!


I wish you the best success everrr!!

Love&Harmony! ..


-Freddy Gandarilla
“Giving You Blogging Powers” 😀

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