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In the event that you are the proud owner of an e-commerce venture, then you would be already aware of how important it is to have a good business website.

The business website will be the main business center for an eCommerce venture where all the transaction and brand development process would take place.

Customers would glance through your website and choose the products which they want to buy and then make the payments – all on your business website.

In order for this to happen, the business website will have to be of top-notch quality.

But in order to ensure that your business is of good quality, you will have to have a solid web design in place for your business website.

In this article, you will be learning about the importance of web design for your eCommerce website.

Ecommerce websites and what do customers expect:

In an eCommerce website, customers would be expecting to find great deals on various different items.

They would want to buy a range of items that they would hope to be available on your e-commerce platform.

Thus, it is important to create a web design which would enable the visitor to easily navigate through the website and find the things which they want.

In no circumstance must they feel that it is difficult for them to find what they are looking for and hence leave your website to go to another site, which would be your competitor’s.

Thus you will have to create a web design that facilitates scrolling and navigating.

You should also remember in addition to finding the products they want; customers must also be quick to notice the attractive deals which you have for them.

Thus you must put your offers and special deals in such a way that they are easily noticeable.

Lastly, remember customers would also want to go through genuine reviews about the products that they want to buy, so reviews left by past customers must be easily locatable also.

Things to incorporate:

Thus, these are the main content aspects that you need to incorporate in your web design when you have an eCommerce website. You will have to ensure that you:

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Create an easily accessible and locatable search box: The search box must be on your home page, and you can also put it on the top of all your landing pages.

This search box must be designed in such a way that it is extremely sensitive to different types of keywords so that it can identify the items which an individual wants easily.

Ideally, the search box should be placed on the top left corner of the web pages. It can be something simple as a little rectangular box with a white background. Simple search boxes would always work well because it helps in reducing customer fatigue in being able to locate the products they want easily. So go for a simple search box always.

The search box must always be visible and readily accessible. It needs to super sensitive towards keywords also.

In general, a customer is going to spend only about 3 seconds trying to find the product that he or she wants, and you have to ensure that your search box can deliver the results in these 3 seconds so that you can have a conversion and make a sale.

Thus, you must focus on the navigational quality of your search box.

Put your best offers in the center: If you have any special discounts, cashback offers, attractive pricing, seasonal discounts, or deals of any sort regarding any products, then you will have to ensure that these offers are easy to notice. You should always place offers of these types in the center of your web pages, and in the center of your main home page.

On your home page, you ought to display the best offers that you have regarding a range of products. In the other web pages, you should display the offers which are specific to those products, as mentioned on that particular web page.

Thus you will need to ensure that people can see the great discounts which you have in store for them. It would be a good idea to focus on the colors, fonts of your offers. You can try to mention the offers in bolder and bigger font sizes.

You may consider putting it in yellow-colored writing with a red background so that it becomes more eye-catching. Red-colored backgrounds will always help in creating attention-grabbing backgrounds.

This will ensure that people do not miss out on any great deals about any products which they would perhaps like to buy.

Reviews: Customers would always be apprehensive when they want to buy any product from a new eCommerce website. Ecommerce websites will always have to focus on building trust, and a long, stable relationship with a customer has to be built in order to ensure that the business thrives.

It is for this reason that eCommerce websites must provide access to reviews of their products left behind by past customers.

This will help in making a customer become aware of how effective and useful a product really is.

It will help in ensuring that customers are buying genuine products and that they are not left feeling cheated with fraudulent transactions or duplicate products.

Hence you will have to display reviews of the products you sell on their specific web pages. Remember to display both the good and the negative reviews. This will help in ensuring that your business grows more in the future.

These are three important things that an eCommerce web design will have to incorporate with regards to the content aspect of the web pages. For more information on web designing, you should search for the New York Design Company.


Web design is an important aspect of eCommerce companies.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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