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Youtube.com is a great place to help you drive free traffic to your websites online. If you are new online, you must learn the Youtube marketing tips I’m going to share with you today!

I don’t know how new you are to the internet marketing world, but just to make sure I got you covered, I’m going to answer common questions most newbies have about Youtube Marketing real quick.

If these questions are too basic for you, just skip them! lol .. I’m just looking out for the brand new newbies out there! πŸ˜€ ……..

– How can someone make money on Youtube?

The answer is simple. You upload valuable videos, implement a little bit of search engine optimization, promote the heck out of them, start ranking up to get free organic traffic, and the final step would be to monetize that traffic.

You make money from the revenue you generate with your own videos on Youtube. You can promote your own products or/and services, affiliate products, a network marketing opportunity, or simply earn from the Google Adsense Program.

– Can you make money on Youtube by posting videos very often?

No, you can’t make money by just publishing videos on Youtube.com often. There is a process to make it a profitable strategy.

If you just upload videos on Youtube, and expect them to get traffic and make you money on their own, you are going to wait forever. Learn the right process to make money from your own Youtube videos, and take consistent action with it.

– Do you get paid for uploading videos on Youtube?

No, you do not get paid for just uploading videos on Youtube.com. You have to do a lot more than just uploading videos on Youtube. Don’t worry, you are going to learn the entire process today.

I know this is a simple question, and probably a “pointless” question to ask, but hey … people actually ask this question a lot! .. trust me …

– Does Youtube pay you after a certain amount of views?

No. You do not get paid by Youtube.com. You get paid from third-party programs and companies. Or by selling your own products and services.

A popular way to make money from your Youtube video’s revenue, is with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertising program that pays you for the revenue you generate for them.

I guess we could say you get paid by Youtube, in a way, since Youtube is now part of Google.com. LOL

The more views you get to your videos, the better. You would need thousands of views to make some decent money from Google Adsense, though.

– Can I make money on Youtube without Adsense?

Yes you can. You can make a lot more money by promoting your own stuff, than with Google Adsense. As I mentioned above, you would need thousands of views to start making some decent money from Adsense.

You can promote affiliate products, network marketing opportunities, or your own products and services, to profit a lot more from your video’s revenue.

Alright, these questions and answers should help a newbie online understand very well how to make money from Youtube.com. πŸ™‚

Β Let’s get down to these Youtube Marketing Tips now!

YouTube Marketing Tips You Must Learn!

– Optimize your video for the Search Engines

First, you need to do a little bit of keyword research. Personally, I like to keep the keyword research simple, so I can get moving fast.

This is what I do to find long tail keywords to rank for on Youtube:

YouTube Marketing SEO Tips - Keyword Research

I take a look at what people are actually typing and looking for on Youtube.

Just start typing keywords relevant to your niche, and target market – and Youtube will start giving you suggestions. Use the Suggested Keywords!

You can do the same thing with the Google Search Engine:

YouTube Marketing Tips - Google Keyword Research

These suggestions are what people are looking for in the search engines. There is a reason why Youtube.com and Google.com are suggesting these keywords to you. Capitalize on these long tail keywords, and start using them on your videos!

There are a few things you should optimize with your keywords.

  • Video File
  • Title & Description
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Tags

To learn more about these Youtube SEO factors, check out this blog post.

When it comes to choosing the right TAGS to use for your videos – one thing you can do is check what TAGS the videos that are ranking high in Youtube, are using, and use them on your Youtube videos.

There is one cool tool you can use to help you find out what TAGS a video on Youtube is using.

There is a Google Chrome Browser Extension that helps you learn more about a Youtube Video. It’s called VideoIQ.

YouTube Marketing Tips - VideoIQ Chrome Extension

As you can see, this little tool gives you a lot of data about a Youtube Video. Use this data to your advantage!!

Let me give you one important SEO tip for your Youtube Videos.

If you are going to record yourself to make a video, you should say your keyword very clearly within the first 30 seconds, and throughout the video.

The Youtube search engine is only getting smarter. When they are looking for factors to rank your video, they will also try to read the script of your video. This is a valuable SEO tip for Youtube videos I have learned from one of the best Youtube marketers around, Jon Penberthy.

Once you have published a search engine optimized video on Youtube, the next step will be to drive as much traffic as possible to the video. Having a lot of video views, will help the video get better rankings in the Youtube Search Engine.

If you want better rankings in the Youtube Search Engine, you need to learn what Youtube looks for on a video, to rank it higher.

Here are some of the things Youtube looks for, when it comes to ranking a video:

  • Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • Video Views
  • Video Comments
  • Video Likes (thumbs up)
  • Backlinks
  • Social Shares

The higher the numbers here, the better rankings you can have for the videos you upload. πŸ™‚

Now, let me share with you more information on editing your video the best way possible, to get more out of it.

I have learned a lot on editing your video, from a successful blogger named Ileane Smith. Her blog is full of valuable blogging tips. You should check out her blog: BasicBlogTips.com

I looked around her blog, and found many valuable blog posts on Youtube Marketing. Let me share with you a few valuable blog posts on Youtube Marketing:

5 YouTube SEO Myths That Need to be Exposed

Now That You Started Making Videos Here’s How To Get More Views on YouTube

Traffic from Youtube Is Like Gold – 8 Tips to Get a Piece of the Action

You are going to learn a lot from Ileane!! πŸ™‚Β 

Let’s keep going here…

Once you have your video optimized for the search engines, and optimized to get the most out of each viewer, you will need to start promoting your videos all over the internet.

One good way to promote your Youtube Videos, is through RSS Syndication Strategies.

There are a few tools, and services online, to help you syndicate your Youtube videos as much as possible.

First, you need to get your own Youtube Channel RSS Feed URL. Here is a simple format you can use for your Youtube RSS Feed URL. Simply replace ‘YOUTUBEUSERNAMEHERE’ – with your Youtube Username.


YouTube Marketing Tips - Youtube RSS Feed URL

Once you have your Youtube Channel RSS Feed URL – you can start using services that will help you syndicate your videos.

You can also run this RSS Feed URL through Google FeedBurner to get another RSS Feed URL. You can definitely get creative here, and take advantage of both RSS Feed URLs. πŸ˜‰

Just go to the Google Feed Burner Service (you will need to be logged in to your Gmail Account), and burn a new feed. YouTube Marketing Tips - Google Feed Burner

Once you have your Youtube Channel RSS Feed URL, it is time to use tools and services to help you syndicate your videos online.

It’s time for Syndication!

Here are 3 Syndication Services you can use online:

These are 3 simple community-syndication services you can use, to help you syndicate your Youtube Videos as much as possible.

You should also learn different internet marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your Youtube videos. You can learn a lot of traffic generation techniques on this blog.

Here are a few good traffic generation methods:

How to Do Forum Marketing the Right Way

How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups

How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free? Learn How to Do It Here…

Learn How to Get Traffic with Article Marketing

Learn these internet marketing strategies, and take massive action with them!!

Let me give you a few tips to help you record good videos for Youtube.

– Imagine You Are Talking to a Friend

When you are recording your video, imagine you are talking to a friend, and you are explaining the information you want to share, to a friend.

You want to make the viewer feel as if you were talking specifically to them. Instead of saying … “hey guys!” … say “hey you!”.

Talk in the video as if you were talking to one person. This will help the viewer feel more comfortable watching you, and feel a lot more connected to you.

One great tip I have learned from successful internet marketers online, is that if you try to talk to everyone, you will talk to no one. You need to try to talk to a specific person. The person you want to watch your videos.

– Lead with Value

You need to give people what they are looking for. I’m sure you know the simple law of Supply and Demand.

If you want people sharing your video, and taking action with your video, you need to give them what they need.

Find a demand in your Niche, and fulfill it with your videos!

Record videos solving a problem in your niche. Make it an interesting video, and try your best to capture your viewers attention as soon as the video start.

Keep the viewers interested, and show them that you have the information they are looking for online.

– Encourage Engagement with Your Viewers

One thing I didn’t do when I first started recording videos for Youtube, is telling the viewer to leave a comment, and give me a thumbs up.

You want to ask your viewer questions, and ask for opinions. You need to try to interact with the viewer as much as possible. This will help your video get more comments, and that can also help the video get more exposure online.

– Never Forget Call to Actions

Always tell people what you want them to do after watching your video. Most people like to be told what to do. It is the truth. And if you don’t tell them what you want them to do, then they will not take any action after watching your video.

You need to have a call to action at the end of your videos. Tell the viewer to go to a website, leave you a comment, and give you a thumbs up. And just tell the viewer anything you want them to do.

This is very important, and I see a lot of people not having a call to action in their videos. This is why I’m talking about it here. You must have a call to action in your videos!!

– Leave Your Links In The Description

This is an obvious tip – you should always have the links you want people to click on, in the description of the video on Youtube.

I’m mentioning this obvious tip because I still see many videos from newbies on Youtube without any links in the description.

You have to make sure you take good care of your Youtube Video Description!

Alright, this has been a long post on Youtube Marketing Tips! πŸ™‚

These are enough Youtube Marketing Tips here to help you start getting some free traffic from Youtube.

It’s your turn to speak!! …

If you have any more Youtube marketing tips, or have any good experiences you want to share, please leave them in a comment below!!

I would love to hear from you!

I hope you have learned a lot on Youtube Marketing, today.

Don’t forget to share this knowledge online and subscribe for blog updates!

I wish you the best of the best!

Love&Harmony! …


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